The International Students

Iizuka Takeshi Scholarship

2023 Application guide for the International Students

To apply for the Iizuka Takeshi Scholarships, the International Students must meet the following criteria in full.

1. Qualifications ( The criteria each applicant must meet )

  • He or she must be currently registered as a foreign student of an University located in Tochigi prefecture, Japan .(University in Tochigi prefecture

  • He or she must be high spirited, decently behaved, well studied, healthy in mind and body and all together expected to be an active and sensible participant in the global stage in the future.

  • He or she must prove and be recognised as a student who require financial assistance in order to complete the study at a university or a post graduate class.

  • He or she must not exceed the age limit of 29 at the date of 1st of April 2023.

2.Scholarship details

  • Once the applicant met all of 4 criteria stated above and the scholarship was granted, the scholarship payment shall be received for the period of up to 4 years.
    (The period of study at the graduate school shall be included in the regular period of study at the university. The deadline is the year before the year when the age is 30 years old.)

  • The amount of payment is 50,000 JPY P / Month (600,000 JPY P / Year ) .

  • This scholarship payment carries no obligation of paying back.

3.Documents required

  • Scholarship application

  • Recommendatory letter from the President of the university

  • Certificate of student status from the university

  • Transcript from the university ( Report of the results )

  • Certified copy of resident register

  • A copy of Passport

  • A short essay of a nominated subject

4. Application exams

In regard to the application exams, there are 2 stages both conducted in Japanese language.

  • Stage 1:
    Applicants must lodge their completed application forms, and also their Essays to express themselves, written in Japanese language.
  • Stage 2:
    Applicants are to be interviewed by board members that is also conducted in Japanese language.

5. Other matters

For the information regarding our postal address , application procedure , application deadline etc , please refer to our Home Page . (